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Mitsubishi has produced a wide range of engines; we commonly stock 4D, 6D and 8D models, some of which are fully electronic.

Our current stock is listed below. Feel free to get in contact with any questions regarding the Mitsubishi range or about the electronic engines.



4D30 View Details6D40 1at1 View Details6D16T - 3AT3 View Details6D40 1AT1 View Details6d14 1a early View Details6d16oa vaccumm type View Details4d30 side thermostat View Details4d36 View Details6d15-t3 245hp View Details6m61oa2 View Details6m60 9at1 184 kw View Details6m610a2 View Details4p10 7at4 View Details8dc9-2a View Details4d33 electronic pump View Details6m601at2 280 hp View Details4d35 View Detailss4s View Details2845 6d14-2a View Details6d22 n 225 hp livedrive View Details6m70 oat4 430 hp View Details6d17-1a2 View Details6d16-2a View Details6d24t View Details6m70 430 hp View Details