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Japanese brand Isuzu has a wide range of engines, varying from 4 and 6 cylinder in-line configurations to V8, V10 and V12 setups. Our stock can include models such as the 4J, 4H, 4B, 6B, 6H, 6R, 6S, 8P, 10P and 12P.

Check out our current stock listed below, and feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have. 



8PC1 View Details10PA1 View Details6SA1T View Details4HV1 CNG View Details6sa1t,fvz13l View Details10pc1-1 v10 View Details10pc1-2 View Details6hl1 View Details6wg1tc View Details4hf1 rotary pump View Details6hk1-tc low km`s View Details6hl1 View Details6sd1tc live drive View Details4hk1 turbo View Details6he1 View Details6WA1 380 HP View Details6rb1tc 350 hp View Details4jh1-x 3.0 turbo View Details6he1 vac View Details6hh1 12 valve rebuilt View Details4hf1 inline View Details4hf1 rotary fuel pump View Details4hf1 inline fuel pump View Details6he1tc View Details6wg1tc 450 hp View Details6hk1tc View Details