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Roadranger transmissions are non-synchromesh (characterised by having to “double clutch”), as well as being larger and used more in heavy-duty situations as they resist wear.

We stock a number of Roadranger gear boxes that fit a variety of trucks. View our current stock below or feel free to get in contact with any questions about the Roadranger use and application. 



RTF14615 NTE400 View DetailsRTOF11709 View DetailsRTX16713 - N14 View DetailsRT6610 - DT466 View DetailsRT14615 - 3406 View DetailsRT15715 View DetailsRTF14615 View DetailsRT8908LL View DetailsRTO9513 View DetailsRT11615 - NTC350 View DetailsRT0915 - NHC250 View DetailsRT11613 - NTC350 View DetailsRT12515 - NTC300 View Detailsrt 11715 cg 380 nissan View Detailsrto9513 View Detailsrtf11615 View Detailsrtlo16918a roadranger View Detailsrtlof18918b View Detailsrt11715 View Detailsrtlo16918a as2 View Detailsrt9515 View Detailsrtlo16918a autoshift View Detailsrtx14715 View Detailsrtlo16718b View Detailsrt6610 View Detailsrt11613 View Detailsrt11615 View Detailsrtlo16718b View Detailsrt11613 View Detailsrtf 15715 View DetailsRTLO11613 View Detailsrtloo1613 View DetailsRT11715 View Detailsrtlo16718b View Detailsrt11613 View Detailsrtlo16918 as2 autoshift View Detailsrt11613 View Detailsrt11615 View Detailsrtlo16718b 450 isuzu View Detailsrt11609a View Detailsrtf15715 foden 4500 View Detailsrt11715 View DetailsRTLO12913A View Detailshino fm rt8908ll View Detailsrto16918b View Detailsrtlo14718b View Detailsrt15715 View Detailsrt15715 View Detailsrt11915 pf6 400 View Detailsrtlo14718 View Detailsrtlo16918b View DetailsRTLO14918B View Detailsrtl016918b View Detailsrt11715 View Detailsrto11715 "hook box" View Detailsrtlof20918b foden View Detailsrtlo14713b View Details