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We continually stock a number of Mitsubishi transmissions as they are popular and reliable, available in 5, 6, 7 and 8 speed options.

Our current stock is listed below, but is updated regularly. If you can’t find what you‘re looking for or want more information on Mitsubishi gear boxes, don’t hesitate to call.



M12-3 View DetailsM12-4 View DetailsM015 CAST View DetailsM015 CAST View DetailsM4S5 EARLY View DetailsM015A AUTO View DetailsM3S5 View Details4DR7 AUTO View DetailsM015 CAST View DetailsM130-s7 View DetailsM2S5 EARLY View DetailsM130 -s7 View DetailsM5S6 - 6D31T View DetailsFB308 AUTO 4DR7 M2A3002 View Detailsw1663 fl 618 transfer case View Detailsm050s5 6d16 2a View Detailsmo15s5 alloy View Detailsmo36s5a innomat 2 View Detailsm12-4 7 speed View Detailsmo38s5 View Detailsm050s6 6m61 View Detailsm6s6 View Detailsmo35s5 cast iron View Detailsm030s4 auto View Detailsm035s5 cast iron View Detailsmo35s5 cast iron 35mm input View Detailsm035s5 cast iron View Detailsmo35s5 alloy View Detailsmo35s5 cast iron View Detailsm015 cast iron View Detailsm070s6 View Detailsmo15 cast iron 4x4 View Detailsmo50s6 View Detailsmo60s6 View Detailsm035s5 cast reconditioned View Detailsmo25s5 alloy, recond 4m41 type View Detailsm038s6a001 suits 4p10 View Detailsmo38s6a201 duonic View Detailsmo36s5 4m50t View Details