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ISUZU Gear Boxes

Japanese made Isuzu transmissions are popular, and we stock a number of gear boxes with 5, 6, and 7 speed models available as well as larger Roadrangers.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst the stock listed below, we may be able to help with a similar part or solution. 



MSB 10 SPEED View DetailsBF5-C View DetailsAB6-T View DetailsAF6-Q - 8PC1 View DetailsM0Y01-T - 4HL1 View DetailsMSB - 4BC2 early type View DetailsMYY5T View DetailsMSB - 4BA1 View DetailsMSC - 4JA1 View DetailsMSB - 4BC2 View DetailsMY08G - 4HV1 View DetailsMSB-5S - 4JG2 View DetailsMSB - 4JG2 View DetailsM0Y-01 - 4HL1 View Detailsmsb5 View Detailsmxa-6 r View Detailsjal7v View Detailsmz03s 6hl1 isuzu View Detailsmxa6r View Detailsmxa6r View DetailsMSA5P View Detailsfts12 cableshift transfer case View Detailsmld7r View Detailsbd5c View Detailsmsb5m View Detailsmxa5 View Detailsmxa5 View Detailsfts 34 transfer case View Details6 speed amt View Details5 speed,c240 View Detailsc240 5 speed View Detailsmxa5r View Detailsisuzu MYY6P View Detailsmsb 5 4jg2 View Detailsmbp6p View Detailsmld7r View Detailsmsb 5 View Detailsmsb5s View Detailsmxa5r View Detailsbg5 View Detailsearly msb,10 spline input View Detailsbg5 View Detailsmbp6 View Detailsmsa5p View Detailsmsa5 early 10 spline input shaft View Detailsmsa old 10 spline View Detailsjb7-o 7 speed View Detailsbg6 six speed View Detailsmsa5 View Details